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l'angolo  -  Chatzimichali Ntaliani St. 36 A  -  GR-73100 Chania (Old Town)   -   Tel. +30 28210 43000


L 'angolo: At the new Italian Restaurant of Chatzimichali Daliani you will feel full with ... enjoyment at prices of another era!

Given the positive breeze of Chania’s busiest urban pedestrian street, the new Italian-oriented concept combines the warmth of refurbished space with the experience and smile of its two new owners. Excellent raw materials, treasured flavors, full serving meals ... and all this for reasonable prices for less than 10 euros per person!  -  Watch the complete menu here: l'angolo menu as pdf-file.

L'angolo, which in Italian means a corner (and you will meet it in the central corner of the pedestrian street), was introduced to us in 2015, not in Chania but on the other side of Crete, in Ierapetra, where it still runs today.

All the dishes were particularly popular since the locals soon began to make queues to enjoy its stunning pizza, pasta, meat dishes, special salads and appetizers, as well as the handmade sweets that put their signature to guest’s last and sweet aftertaste.


Fully operating since summer 2018 L'angolo invites all those who have not even tried it and are lovers of Italian cuisine to discover it

As for the first dishes, we strongly recommend salmon rolls, Cretan salad in a rusk basket and pizzas-sandwich specialties with a choice of materials or at the version of a garlic bread.

From fresh pasta dishes or Barilla, the luscious impressions are won by the shrimp pasta, the special, the "l 'angolo" and Carouso, while among the dozens of pizza choices, the “l'angolo” and the “BBQ” stand out surprising their guests differently and pleasantly. It goes without saying that even in pizzas and pasta it is possible to create your own unique recipe by selecting both the "base" (the kind of pasta / flour) and the accompaniment (sauce / ingredients).

The Italian atmosphere enriches some "tried" and very popular meat dishes, such as the two chicken recipes (l'angolo and Caesar) that impress!

Whatever you write about the flavors, you should try the whole list to come to the conclusion that the quality, quantity and price ratio offered by this new Italian Restaurant is steady and truly excellent!

And all this accompanied by a handy, but careful selected wine list and sealed with handmade panna cotta and chocolate pie!

And if you combine all these with the impeccable friendly service and the welcoming atmosphere, you now know why l 'angolo is the best choice for Italian in the center but also one of the best suggestions for Italian cuisine in the city!

click here for the l'angolo menu

l'angolo  -  Chatzimichali Ntaliani St. 36 A  -  GR-73100 Chania (Old Town)   -   Tel. +30 28210 43000

The l'angolo Italian Restaurant Pizzeria is open all year summer & winter daily from 1:00 p.m. until 12:00 at midnight. All dishes also for take-away.