Café Restaurant


To Koutourouki

Parodos Potie 8  -  Macheradika  -  Chania (Old Town)

Daily fresh homemade Cretan specialities in cozy atmosphere - Open every day from morning until late at night


Coffees, juices, ...

&  homemade pies

Cretan cuisine

Located on Potie"s stone paved alley, in Giavassi's old "Kaltsounadiko", sometime in the beginning of October 2011, our KOYTOYROUKI was born.

A small paradise with lush vegetation, in the heart of Chania"s old town, full of colours, original artistic creations, decorations made of soil and clay, scents and flavours inspired from Crete but from different places in Greece as well...

Open from morning hours with all sorts of coffees, home-made pies, as well as unique flavours accompanied with wine, ouzo or raki. You can always ask us about our daily special dishes.

With such friendly customer prices and tasty indulgements, this is the ideal place to be for every moment, whether it's day or night...

Because when it comes to cooking, besides pure ingredients, we also add love and passion, therefore besides having a delicious dish, a new friend is created... "TO KOYTOYROYKI".

All of our customers were very pleased with the quality, the prices, the services and the atmosphere of course!

To KOUTOUROUKI café & food stories  -  Parodos Potie 8  -  73100 Chania  -  Phone +30 2821 707008