: Bohème



Café  Bar  Restaurant

Chalidon St. 26-28   -   73100 Chania

Tel.:  28210 95955   -   e-mail: info@boheme-chania.gr

Welcome to BOHÈME. A new place created in the Old Town of Chania. Our excellent suggestions for culinary delights and tasty searches either you choose to enjoy breakfast, coffee, exquisite food or superb cocktails and drinks, are perfectly combined with the unique place BOHÈME is located. Built by the Venetians, this building was part of the cells of the monks of the Monastery of Saint Francis.

The plane tree dominating the courtyard and offers us generously its shadow, is about 400 years old and sole witness of the history of the place and the people who lived here. In this place the first Soft drinks factory of Chania "Nectar" was established in the beginning of the 20th century, later on it hosted legendary bars and restaurants.

The roof of BOHÈME is made of slats of interwar German Railway and is decorated with original works of the great Greek artist Giannis Kyrou. Our touch to this unique place, was made in respect of the history of the Old City of Chania and we hope the result will delight you.

To taste our famous brunch, BOHÈME is daily open all year from 9 o'clock in the mornings ... until 4 o'clock at night to enjoy exquisite cocktails, that the well-established bartenders of BOHÈME will prepare for you... combined with fine mixed music of our DJs.

We invite you to try the excellent dishes we prepared for you, combining the best that our island has to offer with special emphasis on unique flavors of Cretan herbs and biological products of mother earth.

With great care, chef Ilias Skoulas is suggesting flavors that will take you to the Mediterranean neighbours, through its creative cuisine with excellent quality and nutritional value products he uses in his recipes.

Everyday we choose organic fresh fruits and vegetables from local gardens of Crete. We cook with extra virgin olive oil and we are looking for the best raw materials from Greece, avoiding as much as possible, import products.

We prepare for you everyday bread, pasta, tortillas & dough sheet. And we do not use frozen and pre-cooked ingredients, and there is no microwave oven in our kitchen!

BOHÈME   -   Chalidon St. 26-28   -   GR-73100 Chania (Old Town)   -   Tel.  +30 28210 95955