Chalidon St. / Emm. Mpalantinou St. 2   -  GR-73100 Chania (Old Town)   -   Tel. +30 28210 95770


Welcome to ARONIA

Restaurant Café and Lounge Bar.

This special place,

as well as the delightful flavors you will taste, were chosen with love and creativity.

Our goal is to offer you unique tastes and tastes in every individual moment.

Enjoy your coffee or brunch from 10 a.m., your cocktail or dinner from 6 a.m. in the afternoon.

 Indulge in the magic of space, travel on the journey of odors and tastes with us.

For whatever you need,

we are at your service to help you.

Good pleasure!



   ARONIA  Restaurant Café Lounge Bar  -  Chalidon / Emm. Mpalantinou 2  -  GR-73100 Chania  -  Tel. +30 28210 95770



open all year daily 10 a.m. until 1 a.m. at night

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